Mission: to preserve the Yezidi faith and empower the Yezidi people all around the world through selfless service.

How do you know you are a Yezidi? Here are a dozens of reasons.

“Part A”


-On weekends, the sound of your mom vacuuming the whole house is your alarm clock.

throw shoe
-Been hit with a shoe by your mom.

-Your parents are constantly pressuring you to get married(preferably someone from back home)

-You have cousins in 10 different countries, at least

-You speak 3 different languages fluently.



 “Part B” 

-Your parents don’t let you sleep at night because they are being so loud talking to family in Iraq on the phone/ Skype.

laughter-Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner consists of rice and chicken.
-During fast music, our shoulders have a mind of their own and shakee  shakeee shakee
-You have a year’s supply of sunflower seeds.Burlap sack with sunflower seeds
-Your parents are constantly comparing you to others.
-You can never say “you’re lying” to an elderly…or you’re in big trouble.  
-The news and Turkish movies are the only channels you have on among the 100 choices
“Part C”
-Your dad is always telling war stories that he fought in and is a hero in everyone of them.
-You shouldn’t get married unless your older sibilings get married. Then it’s your turn.
-Your mom embarrasses you by picking grape leaves at random Parks.
tea crazy
-if you’re a girl, you are constantly getting proposals from men you don’t know because they saw you in a wedding tape.
-Your parents are asking for tea every hour of the day.
-Your dad yells at you if you leave fridge door open too long, don’t turn off the water/lights right away after use.
-You know your parents are about to insult you when they start a sentence with “When I was your age…”
“Part D”
– You get embarrassed every time you are asked, “how many people in your family”.  
-Your parents say  my puppy, kidney, tent, yard, lamb, or house to show you love and affection
-When you have carpet on top of carpet in your living room
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