Mission: to preserve the Yezidi faith and empower the Yezidi people all around the world through selfless service.

Preserving Faith and Culture

At the present time, Yezidis cultural heritage is under threat of annihilation from ISIS. Yezidis International has taking up the task of digitizing the culture, religion, and history. This way  it lives on no matter  what terrible disasters or wars break out.

 Documenting 74th Genocide

We are collecting information on those who passed onto next life, so they are not forgotten.

 Making Online Information Available for Public

there is so much false information on Yezidis out there. YI members have taking upon themselves to educate and make educational resources available to debunk some myths and make reader friendly websites, brochures, and professionally done videos on Yezidis.

– we are working on several videos at this time

Our children’s Website
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YI Partners with ICCS to Preserve Yezidi Faith, History, and Culture

Yezidi global delegation to India took part in  5TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND GATHERING OF ELDERS At International Center for Cultural Studies
ICCS’s goal is Universal Wellbeing – Sustaining Nature, Culture and Communities
Like the past four events, the fifth triennial international conference and gathering of Elders brought together the leaders and scholars of 100+ living ancient cultures. The event was focused on sharing insights on how to leverage the current globalization trend, access technology tools and build leadership capability within communities to ensure universal wellbeing in the twenty-first century and beyond. The Yezidis , including members of Yezidis International, were the keynote speakers at this gathering that brought thousands of people together.

After the event, YI and ICCS decided to work together to preserve the Yezidi culture and religion. The project is currently under discussion.

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