Mission: to preserve the Yezidi faith and empower the Yezidi people all around the world through selfless service.
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The Peacock Angel in other Religions

  • The Peacock Angel and the Sumerians

    In the religion of Sumeria the Peacock Angel was manifest as Enki, the Lord of the Earth, who was also the Lord of Wisdom and the Serpent on the Tree of Dilman, the Sumerian Eden. The Sumerians may have adopted Enki from Yezidi emissaries from India who played a role in the fledgling Sumerian civilization. Or they may have received him from the gnostic sect of Mandeans who were also assimilated into Sumerian civilization after migrating from the East, specifically Sri Lanka, the island patronized by the Peacock Angel as the Hindu Murugan or Sanat Kumara.
  • The Peacock Angel in Hinduism

    Since the Yezidis originated in India, the Hindus’ manifestation of Tawsi Melek is naturally very close to the Peacock Angel of the Yezidis. The Hindus know Tawsi Melek as Murugan, the legendary son of Shiva and Shakti. Among his numerous alternate titles are Skanda, Sanat Kumara, Karttikeya, and Subramaniya Swami. Like the Yezidis Tawsi Melek, the Hindu Murugan is the king of the universe and moves through his domain as a young boy astride a peacock, or simply as a peacock. Similar to the Peacock Angel, Murugan’s sacred animals include not only the peacock but also the snake and the cock. The snake denotes that the essence of Murugan is pure energy (energy moves as a serpent spiral) and the cock denotes his affiliation as a solar deity. Murugan or Tawsi Melek are names for the cosmic energy that created the universe out of itself, as well as the savior who, like the cock, heralds the end of humanity’s darkness. Murugan’s identity as one of seven angelic beings is manifest within some Hindu scriptures that refer to him as Sanat Kumara, the leader of the Seven Kumaras. These Kumaras are portrayed as brothers who assisted Sanat Kumara in the creation of the Earth and the enlightenment of humankind. According to the Puranas, the ancient legends of India, the Kumaras were the first to teach humanity the path to enlightenment

Superstitions: to see the different supersitions click on each plus sign

  • - Left ear drum ringing: means that someone is talking bad about you.
  • -No praising without saying the word “Mashallah”- otherwise you will jinx the person.
  • -Putting a knife or scissor under your pillow at night helps keep ghosts away.
  • -Wearing a small blue jewelry or the "Evil Eye” jewelry helps keep away bad spirits and wards off evil eye.
  • -Hiccups in ancient times was a tell-tale that you had stole something.
  • -You can’t spill hot water on the ground for it disturbs the ghosts.
  • -You can not whistle at night because it wakes the ghosts up.
  • -It is bad luck to shower on Wednesday nights because that is when the spirits come home.
  • -If you eat burnt bread you will find money.
  • -If you wake up at night due to bad dreams you must say “YaSheshems” three times or you will have more nightmares
  • -If a newborn child has a blue vein on their forehead it means the mother will have a baby boy next time.