Mission: to preserve the Yezidi faith and empower the Yezidi people all around the world through selfless service.

This page is dedicated to dispelling myths and correcting misinformation regarding the Yezidi people. It is more important than ever to set the record straight because while ISIS is massacring Yezidis for not people of the book,  others have been intentionally or unintentional circulating myths about Yezidis, which  make them even more misunderstood.

Myths Buster:

  • Yezidis are not devil-worshipers. We believe everything has good and bad and praise the Peacock Angel known as “Tawase Malek”.  Some have come to associate him with the fallen angel Lucifer or Iblis in Christianity and Islam; thus have labeled Yezidis  as devil-worshipers. This has been a major reason for the Yezidis persecution.But Yezidis do not believe that Peacock Angel has any element of evil in him. Good and bad come from humans. Hardship befall us to help us value life more and grow.
  • Yezidis are not followers/off springs of Yazid Ibn Muawiya. The ignorance on who Yazid was, was also the reason for much of the Yezidis’ suffering throughout Middle East. Although there are similarity in the spelling of the word Yazid and Yezidis one has nothing to do with the other.
  • The relation of one to the other ends at the few letters that both words have in common. Yazid was the son of Muawiya, a Muslim person. He was a caliph from the year 680- 683 and was the cause of the tragedy in Karbala. He was the cause of Imam Husein’s beheading and many Muslims point at Yezidis (the religious minority group in Iraq) as the group to blame. Their evidence? Similarity in the writing and pronunciation of the name Yazid and Yezidis.
  • Yezidis have a calendar that is more than 6674 years old.  Yazid bn Muawiya was born around 680 A.D. He  is not the founder of the Yezidi religion.

The Present Genocide

ISIS is a Salafi-Jihadist Sunni organization founded after the American invasion of Iraq.

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Martyrs’ Wall

This page is dedicated to all those who passed onto the next life due to the atrocities being perpetrated by ISIS and those who have pass on due to starvation.

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