Mission: to preserve the Yezidi faith and empower the Yezidi people all around the world through selfless service.

Members of Yezidis International have been honored to speak throughout the globe through media to create awareness and stir hearts to action. Take a moment to look at the articles below to learn more about our organization and its members.

Letter to Canadian Government

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Letter to Canadian Government

Yezidis are the most vulnerable religious minority and they should receive priority  when it comes to resettlement

Members of Yezidis International along with ten other organizations in Canada Urged the Canadian Government to Prioritize resettlement of Yezidis there.

Please remind your government of the plight of Yezidis. Go to this link


Yezidis Participate in Vigil for Refugees

Candlelight Vigil for Refugees

Candlelight vigil was held in downtown Lincoln in support of refugees. The event coincided with the one in Omaha Nebraska, USA Hundreds of Nebraskans stood together and let it be known that Nebraska is welcoming of people from all nations and backgrounds. People of many faiths including Yezidis from Yezidis International were present and spoke. Refugees strengthen this country . it is a country made by refugees and should be for the refugees. However, priority for resettlement should be given to those who are most vulnerable. USA should not decide based on religion or ethnicity when resettling but it should prioritize. Many groups such as Assyrians and Yezidis are suffering from ethnic and religious purification now and long before ISIS came and might be long after ISIS has been wiped out. Yezidis International members spoke to the hundreds of people who had gathered and reminded them about the Yezidis who the main target of ISIS

Go to this link to have your opinion be heard
it takes less than 4 minutes

Click here for NBC Interview with member of Yezidis International

Yezidis participate in vigil for refugees

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Yezidis International Speak at UNL

 Yezidis International Speak at UNL

YI members were invited again to speak at UNL , on Tuesday November 3rd where more than 100 students were present.

The plight of the Yezidi people along with information on religion and history were discussed. The students were encouraged to get involved.

When one of the students asked what can USA do,  the answer was the list is endless and then reminded them that they can make a difference: “I was at a Huskers’ game last year and kept thinking what a difference could be made if these group of young scholars decided to care, what would happen? I thought about the 90,000 people in the stadium. I thought about 20 friends at the game bringing attention to the cause in their own way if they decide to care.”

Yazidis Yezidis

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.05.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.05.31 PM Gulie Khalaf at UNL

Member of YI Interviewed by Mythicist Milwaukee

Member of YI Interviewed by Mythicist Milwaukee

Published on Nov 2, 2015

Gulie Khalaf is a member of  the Yezidi community in Nebraska who is working very hard to provide for and support the Yezidi refugees that were displaced from their homes in Iraq. She is one of the 900 Yezidis currently residing in Nebraska. The Yezidis In Nebraska are heartbroken because of the atrocities committed against their families back in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Yezidis fled to more secure regions of northern Iraq following the takeover of Sinjar by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant.

Globally the Yezidis number is barely one million after going through 74 genocides. At the moment, half a million are displaced and there are serious threats to their EXISTENCE: malnutrition, contagious skin diseases, trauma, ISIS and so on.

YI at Teaching Bravely

YI Participates at Teaching Bravely Conference

Global Resources Panel members including persecuted members of the Yezidis from Yezidis International, South Sudan, and Lakota Nation along with others discuss the education of children in the face of genocide at “Teaching Bravely: Developing Global Consciousness and Inclusiveness  in the Classroom” at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha Nebraska, October 17, 2015.

Yazidis participate at Teaching Bravely Conference

Yezidis International Scholarships for Higher Education


Yezidis International awarded four scholarships to Yezidis students studying in India. The few Yezidi students who are in India studying Bachelors in Pharmacy are one of the brightest hopes for the Yezidi community worldwide since Yezidis  in Iraq have been kept away from pursuing higher studies for decades. Helping these students pursue their education will ensure a good earning, so that they in turn can support their families and community who are unfortunate victims of the genocide that happening with the Yezidis in Iraq.

We all know how important education is. But for someone who escaped the hostile environment in Iraq and started studying in India, education is a lucky gift. Thank you to all who supported this project. These young men were chosen based on a few areas including public service, high academic achievement, leadership potential and need. We will continue finding ways to help these and other Yezidi students deprived of higher education due to many years of oppression, discrimination, genocide, and lack of opportunity.


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Yezidis Interviewed by New York Times

Member of YI Interviewed by New York Times

Ms. Khalaf understands their predicament. She said her family fled Iraq in the 1980s, before she was born, during that country’s war with Iran. The family returned briefly, but then left again during the Persian Gulf war.

Ms. Khalaf moved from place to place as a child, eventually going from refugee camps to Atlanta and then Buffalo, where she and her family were among a handful of Yazidis. After college, she came to Lincoln to be part of a larger Yazidi community.

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YI and Sewa Helping Displaced Yezidis (Yazidis)

YI and Sewa Helping Displaced Yezidis

Yezidis International and Sewa International join efforts to help 89 displaced Yezidi (Yazidi) families in unfinished buildings with baby formula. Each child received 4 cans; some who were extremely poor, received more
After fall of Sinjar, meeting basic needs has become extremely challenging for thousands of families in camps and unfinished buildings

While Yezidis International’s goal is to help the community get back on it’s feet through empowerment projects, helping with the basics is also needed

to donate toward one of our projects to go



Saving a Yezidi (Yazidi) Child

Helping Dilleen Live Past Age Three

Yezidis International ties up with Lantos Foundation and Sewa International to help 3 year Old Dilleen by funding part of her surgery

Dilleen Tarq Khedr is a three year old in camp Kabarto, Kurdistan, Iraq. On early August  2015, a surgery was set that her parents couldn’t afford but that could mean a difference between life and death for a child of three. She has brain tumor but the family cannot afford such amount after fleeing their homes in frenzy from ISIS. Her situation sums up the story of nearly half a million Yezidi who lost everything and in many cases even relatives and loved ones.

$2000 was donated. However by the time treatment is completed, it can cost more than $15,000. She has gone through chemotherapy, lost sight in both eyes, and the brain is swelling. Being taken outside of Iraq for treatment was suggested but so far, does not appear a possibility.  If you would like to get involved, please email us yezidipeople2014@gmail.com or donate.

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Iraq’s Yazidis:

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Iraq’s Yazidis: who they are and why the US is bombing ISIS to save them

America’s air strikes in Iraq aren’t just about protecting Americans in the Kurdish capital of Erbil. “In recent days, Yazidi women, men, and children from the area of Sinjar have fled for their lives,” President Obama said when announcing the airstrikes. “And thousands — perhaps tens of thousands — are now hiding high up on [a] mountain, with little but the clothes on their backs.”

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August 17, 2014

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Raising Awareness with Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“كيهود، إسرائيليين، وكبشر، فإنه لا يمكننا أن نقف متفرجين في حين تتعرض حياة شعب كامل للخطر، ويقوم مجرمون قتلة ومتوحشون بتنفيذ خطة لإبادته، من الصغير إلى الكبير. نحن، المنظمات، الحركات الشبابية، الباحثون، والناشطون نرى أن من واجبنا العمل قدر إمكاننا من أجل منع قتل وإبادة الشعب اليزيدي”.

هذا ما تمخض عنه إجتماع نظمته الهيئة الإسرائيلية لإنقاذ الشعب اليزيدي وهي هيئة عُليا تاسست  في شهر آب 2014، في أعقاب أحداث قتل الشعب اليزيدي​ في سنجار، وتعمل على تركيز وتنسيق فعاليات عدد من الجهات الخاصة من أجل تقديم
المساعدة الفورية لليزيديين في العراق وفي. . . Click Here to Read More
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US must halt ‘genocide’ of religious minorities in Iraq, Yazidi activist says

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Raising Awareness with Fox News

The U.S. is leading targeted airstrikes in Iraq against Islamic State in an effort to quash the terrorist group’s assault on religious minorities, but the Yazidi community in America says the U.S. must do more than simply provide food and water to those forced from their homes.

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Yezidi girl committes suicide

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Yezidi Girl Held by Militants Tells of Abuse and Suicides in Secret Call

DUHOK, Kurdistan Region – On a hidden phone and in secret phone calls, a Yezidi girl held with 200 others as war booty by Islamic State (IS/ISIS) militants near Mosul painted a tragic picture of girls being singled out daily as sex slaves, and some committing suicide.





Yazidi activist angry over possible ‘genocide’ in Iraq

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Raising Awareness with Mid East Faces

As Islamic State militants continue their brutal course in Iraq, the plight of minority Christians, Kurds and Yazidis has been increasingly escalating.

Elias Kasem, a Yazidi community activist living in Phoenix, Arizona has been spending his time highlighting the current crisis by organizing local and national protests from the west coast all the way to New York’s United Nations and Washington D.C.

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Journal Star Aug- 17

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Raising Awareness with Journal Star

The photo had been circulating on Facebook for a few hours: a Yazidi man sprawled over the rocky ground, his severed head discarded face-down in the blood-caked dirt..

Read More http://journalstar.com/news/local/yazidis-plight-a-story-of-many-many-people/article_999be2d8-c463-5df9-a3ff-6a1f2180803c.html


PRI- Aug. 15th

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Interview with PRI to Raise Awareness

“They have put their life on the back burner,” Khalaf says. “They have been robbed of their livelihood.” Several members of her family have quit their jobs over the news. Others go to work but break down crying whenever the subject comes up . . .

Interview with Associat Press

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Raising Awareness with Associate Press

Iekhan Safar moved from Iraq to Lincoln for the same reason that hundreds of Yazidis, a Kurdish religious minority, came to Nebraska’s capital city: to live near family, far from the dangers they’ve long faced as a persecuted group.

Lincoln has the largest concentration of Yazidis (yah-ZEE-dees) in the United States . .  .

Read more:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2724302/Iraqi-religious-persecution-hits-home-Nebraska.html#ixzz3G9H5PgwJ

August 12

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Raising Awareness with The Daily Signal

“There is no future for Yezidis in Iraq,” said Mirza Ismail, speaking of the suffering religious minority to which he belongs.

Since the Islamic State terrorist group attacked his hometown in the Sinjar plain of northern Iraq on Aug. 2, forcing the Yezidis to flee from

Read More Click Here . . .

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