Mission: to preserve the Yezidi faith and empower the Yezidi people all around the world through selfless service.

A Voice For the Voiceless

As many as 450,000 Yezidis (Yazidis) in Iraq  have been driven from their homes by the Sunni extremist Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), close to half the population of Yezidis in the world. Long known as a peaceful people, the Yazidis—an ethno- religious minority—now face exile from an ancient land that they have long inhabited and that they consider holy.

They are also facing exterminations that is why Yezidis International have taking upon itself to be the voice for voiceless.

Yezidis International does this through:

Press & Appearances

Click on the link below to see  a partial list of Yezidis International’s press and media appearances. We’ve been honored to speak throughout the globe through media to create awareness and stir American’s hearts to action. Take a moment to learn more about our organization:

Click Here for the list

Educating Others

We provide education on the region’s history, current crisis, and how people can play a role in the solution. You can learn  about Yezidis  through our advocacy and media pages.

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Urging Congress to Act

Urging Congress to protect the rights of Yezidis through our partnership with the Yezidis Human Rights Organization

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