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An Overview of the Genocide

Who are the killers?

Daesh (also known as ISIS, ISIL or Islamic State) is a Salafi-Jihadist Sunni organization founded after the American invasion of Iraq. It was previously known as Al-Qaeda’s organization in Iraq. Daesh was responsible for a long list of terrorist attacks against Shiite Muslims and Christians as well as against Iraqi and Western security forces, primarily between 2007 and 2012. In 2014, the organization broke off from Al-Qaeda, and in June its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, declared the establishment of the “Caliphate of the Islamic State,” appointing himself as its helm.

Daesh is an acronym for the Arabic الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام‎ al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi Iraq wa al-Sham, meaning the Islamic Dynasty of Iraq and Syria. At that time, Daesh ruled over one-third of Syria, including the northeast portion, and half of Iraq, including the north. Its members became notorious for their relentless brutality. They disseminated many videos in which they are seen indiscriminately slaughtering scores of civilians and mutilating their bodies. Daesh murders Sunni Muslims who are considered to be infidels in their eyes, including Sunni leaders, clergyman and clerks. They also murder Shiites, Assyrians, Hazaras, Christians, Alawites and Yezidis.

Following the capture of the city of Mosul it was reported that hundreds of thousands of Christians – whose families have lived in Mosul for 1,600 years – fled after Daesh demanded that they convert to Islam or be put to death. The number of Christian victims is not known, but it is clear that Daesh has slaughtered thousands since last June.

Less then two months later, Daesh attacked the district of Sinjar in Northern Iraq where most of the Yezidis resided. The Yezidi people were given a slightly different choice. In case of Christians they were to convert, pay a protection tax, leave, or be killed. With Yezidis the choice was – either to convert or be put to death. The members of Daesh have nicknamed the Yezidis “worshippers of Satan” and have called for Yezidis to be murdered wherever they are found.

isis 2

Listen to this radio interview to have an idea of what is ISIS’s thinking and their  goal

This video also explains some of the background

Siege of Mount Sinjar

Estimates of 200,000 Yezidi refugees fled to the Sinjar ridge, where they were exposed to the blistering sun in temperatures of 120 degrees  – without water, food or medicine. The state of the refugees was dire, especially as ISIS militants sealed the ridge from all directions and basic humanitarian aid could not be delivered by land. It was reported that ISIS militants penetrated the ridge.  Presently murdering Yezidi men and kidnapping Yezidi women.

 Approximately 120 infants and elderly civilans died of thirst and heatstroke, and on others who are immobilized as a result of exhaustion and various diseases on the first two days of the siege. On August 6th it was reported that hundreds of women belonging to the Yezidi community in Iraq were kidnapped. The spokesperson for Iraq’s Human Rights Ministry, Kamil Amin, estimated that the women—all under the age of 35—were held in schools across Mosul. American intelligence officials confirmed this report.

What Happened to the Established Government?

Read the article below about why Yezidis feel betrayed by the Kurdish government and it’s Peshmargas…..

The Islamic State’s recent attack upon the Sinjar area of Ninewa province has brought world attention to the plight of Iraq’s Yazidis. Insurgents have targeted the small religious group . . .http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.ca/2014/09/the-plight-of-iraqs-yazidis-in-ninewa.html

mount sinjar

 America’s Involvement- August 7th

On August 7th, US President Barack Obama instructed the American air force to strike ISIS militants both in order to protect American military officials and advisers (stationed in the city of Erbil in northern Iraq), and to thwart the entrapment of the Yezidis who had fled to the mountains of Sinjar. In a special address to the nation Obama stated that American planes have already begun dropping water and food meant for the Yezidis, “who face the horrible decision to either descend from the mountain, which would result in their slaughter, or to stay on the mountain, which would result in a slow death from thirst and hunger.”

Obama noted that the United States cannot stand by in light of the threat of mass murder facing the Yezidis, and that it is in her power to act “with caution and responsibility to prevent a potential genocide.”

mass exdus

The Result of  Attack on Sinjar

Yezidi Women Kidnapped and Sold as Sex Slaves

The nightmare of ISIS persecution continues for thousands of Yezidi girls and women who were abducted by the Sunni Muslim extremist group .

ISIL (ISIS) has abducted about 7,000 Yezidis, mostly women and children. ISIL relocates abductees to different regions where they are offered for sale as sexual slaves, to date, tens of women have been killed while some committed suicide to protect their dignity.

According to eyewitness accounts available to ezidiPress women and children are held captive in hundreds in and partly outside the region of Shingal (Sinjar), including many underage girls. The victims´ relatives could contact the kidnapped women several times via phone, being always told of brutal rapes and abuses. The women begged for U.S. air strikes to be released from their agony.

Dozens of women that were kidnapped and raped by IS terrorists committed suicide after their release or liberation. Many women and children have been deported to the IS controlled military airport of Tal Afar. Buses and trucks full of women and children have been taken away, eyewitnesses told Iraqi officials. According to the Red Crescent in Iraq many of these women and children will be sold at slave markets in Mosul. With reference to refugees the Guardian reported that some of them were sold as sex slaves for a few dollars.

Sunni-Arab eyewitnesses reported that more than 1000 women and children have been kidnapped from the village of Tel Kucho. On August 16 and 17 IS terrorists carried out a massacre in that village, killing at least 400 men.

The Yezidi MP Viyan Dekhil pointed out that up to 600 women were being held captive in prisons located in the Nineveh region. The politician Kheri Shingali speaks of another 300 women and children kidnapped by IS. He was told that the women and children were brought temporarily to Syria and then back to Iraq.

The Yezidi women and children are held captive; we are aware of their locations and the atrocities committed there. Yet, no one  has attempted to librate them. 

Father Sees Daughter After Many Months of Captivity

The following videos show return of some of the hostages and reuniting with their families after months of being in ISIS hand.



Missing or Killed

Islamic State militants have killed more than 3000 Yezidi men

312 Yezidi men were executed in Tel Kucho senior officials have reported to  SkyNews .  The day before, ISIS terrorists executed more than 100 men as they refused to convert to Islam.

There are many who were separated from their  families. One man told GlobalPost, “They were firing at us as we were running away from our home. There was total chaos.”

“We lost my little Alifa and my son Imad on the way. I don’t know where they are, I don’t know if we’ll ever find them again,” he said, struggling for breath as he fought back the tears.


"why should I live? I have lost my whole family."

“why should I live? I have lost my whole family.”

Story Told to Dr. Hawar by a Displaced Yezidis
I wake up and wash my face. I boil water for tea and bring out the yogurt and the bread.I prepare everything and put it on the table. I wake up first my son who is six years old and then my daughter who is eight.They love to sleep in the morning.Its always a huge struggle to wake them up.But waking them and seeing them fighting to sleep always makes me smile.My husband has already left the house.He wakes up much earlier to go to work.

The children eat their breakfast.I prepare their schoolbags and they head to school.I sit there by the table and eat my breakfast.I love to sit in the yard, among the small flowers with all colors.From my yard i can see the sinjar mountain.
The sound of people on the streets start to surround me.At precisely nine o’clock my mother knocks at my door, always bringing fresh made bread that she has made in tanoor. By age sixty she is still taking care of me.Always a smile and a hug as soon as i open the door for her.I barely say where is father, and he enters. My mother is always in hurry when she comes to me, so she leaves behind my father on the road. We sit in the yard and talk and drink tea.My life is simple.I chose it to be like this.

Now I wake up inside a tent. The tears are always there.I don’t know if I am asleep or awake.I find myself inside a nightmare in the day light.I don’t find my children. I see them but they are not here. I call for them but they don’t answer me.
Wake up son, please wake up.But he does not answer.I see them, they are in front of my eyes, I put my hands on them , and I see how my hand penetrate through their transparent bodies. I am not sure, but something is wrong. I see people running, screaming.I see blood, children being shot in front of my eyes.I see old people left behind. I see thousands of people running for their lives, up the sinjar mountain.

Suddenly I wake up.Once again I find my self inside this white tent.There is no one here.Its empty. I feel so empty.They are all gone.People tell me, that my children and husband are dead, but I don’t know. Everything is so unreal. Please Doctor do you maybe know what happened to them, while the tears keep flowing down her cheeks, the Yazidi mother asks me.


The Displaced Yezidi face a humanitarian crisis; hundreds of thousands are shelterless and suffer from lack of nutrition and health related issues. Yezidi children are the most vulnerable class.

In a press release, the Central Council of Yezidis in Germany indicated that there are 430,000 displaced Yezidis scattered in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. A delegation consisting of the Central Council of Yezidis in Germany, the Association of Kurdish Doctors in Germany and Yezidi intellectuals is currently inspecting the refugee camps.

Telim Tolan, Chairman of the Central Council of Yezidis in Germany, traveled to Iraq after enquiring about the refugee situation in Turkey. He travels on behalf of a task force of Yezidi associations and organizations from Germany to assess the situation of refugees on the ground. The initiated humanitarian aids had reached the refugees only to around 10 percent, the task force announced in its lastpress release.

Even the inhabitants of Kurdistan who reportedly campaign for the refugees with full dedication can only absorb slightly the mass of refugees. Because, in addition to Yezidis, tens of thousands of Christians, Turkmens, Shabaks, Mandeans , Yarsanis and even moderate Sunnis are also on the run from ISIS. Moreover, there are further tens of thousands of refugees from Syria in Kurdistan who fled due to the Syrian civil war.

More than half of the Yezidi population in Iraq is on the run since the IS terrorists´ onslaught on Shingal. 120,000 refugees are located in the border region of Zakho, trying to cross the border into Turkey.

now yezidis

Now that winter is advancing, below is the situation at some of the camps (Khanke)

Will Yezidis survive the winter in these camps?


Refugees who were trapped in the mountains and managed to escape due to an escape corridor established by YPG and PKK units are severely traumatized by their experiences. Many of them do not want to return. Their homeland´s ground is soaked in blood of their loved ones. Their homes are destroyed, and they are deprived of their future.

They consistently report how they  witnessed such mass killings. In many cases Yezidis had to watch their relatives being beheaded in front of their eyes. “We´re done with this country”, said a Yezidi villager who escaped to the Kurdish areas of Turkey.

According to the doctors, it cannot be ruled out that the current situation might cause mass suicides because of severe traumatic experiences the refugees had to go through. Thousands of refugees are in danger of dying even in the refugee camps. Around 20 people have already died in a small refugee camp in Zakho, ARD reported.

Disabled Yezidi refugee boy ‘abandoned in desert’ and family having to deal with the choices they made.

Destruction/Loss of Property

In Jedale

ISIS terrorists have destroyed a sanctuary built in compliment to the Yezidi saint Sheikh Mend in the town of Jedale. Both news agencies and Yezidis from the region confirm this report. The village is located south of the Shingal mountains and west of the same-named town of Shingal.

 In Bashiqa

ISIS terrorists have destroyed all Yezidi shrines built in compliment to the Yezidi saints Sheikh Hasan and Sheikh Shems in Bashiqa. There is talk of at least three destroyed shrines. Last night, terrorists reportedly used explosives to blow up the shrines, several eyewitnesses and journalists consistently confirm.

Bashiqa is located in the Sheikhan which is part of the Kurdistan region.

There are also many reports of  Arab tribes looting the Yezidis abondened houses. Furthermore, there were also report of ISIS burning down the houses.

Help Save Yezidis From Extincation. Help Stop the Tragedy Taking Place in Iraq

Spread of ISIS’s Ideology
If we don’t stop them no one will be safe


Gallery Depicting the Plight of Yezidis

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Yezidis Security Forces taking a rest
using any form of transportation to make to safety
Displaced Yezidis sleeping on the streets of Kurdistan-August, 2014
Yezidis reverting to century old ways of cooking to keep alive
Some took refugee under bridges
A grandfather and exhausted grand kid during the exodus
Displace Yezidis in camps
Yezidis taking shelter in unfinished buildings
Many Yezidis took refuge inside unfinished buildings
Displaced Yezidis in poorly structured camps
Liberated Yezidis towns
Yezidi houses blasted to rubble in liberated towns
Contigious skin diseases spreading due to unhygenic conditions in camps
Yezidi girl held as a sex slave
Displaced Yezidi kids in Bajd camp, Kurdistan
There have been many reported cases of finding rats in the aid distributed
Living in camps during summer

Khanasoor, Iraq

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Khanasoor, a Yezidi town, Dogs feeding on the Dead

Khanasoor, a Yezidi town in Sinjar, the dogs are feeding on the dead bodies. Many people are forced to return home to bury their dead despite the mines that might be laying around.
In Arabic…No Subtitles
داي بيري الجدة المشردة والجائعة والراحلة والمحترقة أخيراً
على غرار مكوثها ووجودها لن يقوم أحد من كبارنا ومسؤولينا ,من تقديم اي
مساعدة او رعاية اجتماعية لها او محاولة اسعافها بدخولها لمشفى يعالجها
وربما كان ينجيها من الموت والرحيل الأن..أقبل عظامكم يا جدتي
التي أحرقناها نحن قبل ان يحرقها اعداءنا..

كلمة إعتذار وأسف وتحمل مسؤولية من قبلهم لن نستحق
لحد يومنا وأيامنا القادمة..أدمنا على القبول والخضوع والوصاية..!

Liberated Towns in Sinjar

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Destruction Of Yezidi Town Dohuola
Liberation of Sinjar will not mean much to the Yezidis such as those who use to live in Dohuola town.

Yezidi Genocide

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Yazidi Genocide: How Faisal’s Family Was Massacred

On the train from Hannover, I realized that I, too, was now traumatized. Families were heading home from Christmas shopping with helium-filled balloons. Teenage girls were giggling with squeaky voices after breathing the helium, toddlers were playing with their new toys and squealing with joy in the aisle. These were happy families.

It seemed unjust that they should dare to be normal and oblivious after a genocide.

Read More—–  http://kurdistantribune.com/2014/yazidi-genocide-how-faisal-family-was-massacred/#comment-247971

Interviewing a hostage

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Interview by the Yezidis International

The woman being interviewed was taken by ISIS. She had returned to her husband after more than 3 months in captivity.


The BBC’s Paul Wood -Dec 22, 2014

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Islamic State: Yezidi Women Tell of Sex-slavery Trauma

The Yazidi religious minority community in Iraq says 3,500 of its women and girls are still being held by the so-called Islamic State (IS), many being used as sex slaves. A few have managed to escape and here tell their harrowing stories.

One day in August, Hannan woke to find her family frantically packing. She was taken aback: she had not realised the jihadists calling themselves “the Islamic State” were so close.


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Living in abandoned buildings (Assyrians and Yezidis)

Take a rare glimpse into the lives of the Assyrians and Yezidis after the ISIS attacks in Iraq.

“The Last Plight” is a documentary about the humanitarian crisis in Iraq after the horrific terrorists attacks of the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) on Iraq’s 2nd largest city Mosul and the Nineveh Plains.
Their latest attacks on June 10th 2014 forced more than 600,000 Assyrian Christians, Yezidis and other Iraqi minorities to seek refuge in the Northern region of Iraq.

THE LAST PLIGHT (Short Documentary) from The Last Plight on Vimeo.