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YI Helping Barakat’s Family

YI Helps a Displaced Family in Desperate Need

Thanks to Supporters, $1,000 was donated to help Barakat’s Family
His family lives in Bersive refugee camp in Zakho, northern Iraq.The mother has lymphatic filariasis which is also known as elephantiasis. She noticed symptoms around June 2014. When they flee from their homes on August 3rd, 2014 the hardship and negligence of immediate treatment caused extra pain. She has become nearly disable with the sever pain and swelling. She has to crawl to move from place to place.
While she will not be able to get the shape of the leg back, the illness is curable.
Four of their children have  been suffering from hemophilia, but now that they have lost all their worldly possessions to ISIS they have no way of  seeking medical help. Government will not assist either because they are overwhelmed with number of people needing help. This family has been looking to outsiders for relief from the constant pain.

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