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Yezidis International’s Journey to ancestral land. . .New Year

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Yezidis International’s Journey to ancestral land. . .New Year
Happy Earth’s Day

For Yezidis, if we think about it, it is earth day everyday of April.

Some Facts About the April month and Yezidi New Year:

-Charshama Sari Sali holiday takes place on third Wednesday in April, which fell on April 18th this year.

-This holiday is meant to commemorate the creation of the universe and celebrate nature and fertility.

-on this holiday, eggs are used to commemorate the creation of our universe.

-they are boiled to symbolize earth solidification with the coming of Lalish.

eggs are then colored to represent the next stage of world creation: vegetation growing

When Yezidis play the game of haggan and the egg breaks, they are recreating the story of creation where the pearl burst and the material world (sun, earth, stars) came to existence (big bang theory?)

-The wild red flowers are plastered on the doorways of the homes and shrines for the same reason a wreath would be used in Christmas

-weddings do not take place during the month of April because “April is the bride of the year” . . . its like no one is suppose to compete with it and all is suppose to come to life

-In old days, no Yezidi would plow the land. it was sinful. They would watch the world spring to life with vegetation and new life and allow the world to be.

yezidi girls dancing Tawaf in Basheeqa lalish signs of spring

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