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YI Journey to Ancestral land. . .

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Journey to Ancestral land. . .Preserving the Yezidi Heritage

On Monday, April 11th, 2018 some of our members met with Pir Khedr Sulyman who is one of the forefront Yezidi scholars. He and couple of his friends were the first Yezidis in Iraq to publish work on the religion and have the Yezidis qewls or hymns commit to writing. Interest in Yezidism which had died away for decades became renewed thanks to their effort.

Pir Khedr accompanied YI members to the Yezidi Cultural Center which he use to preside over years ago. The center had an extensive collection of books, videos, and other media related to Yezidi history, religion, and culture.

Our team asked about the possibility of having part of their collection become available on the net so that more people could have accesses to it. just as bahzani.net has done.

They week before they also had an opportunity to meet with another Yezidi scholar, Dawood Murad Khatari. He too has devoted a better part of his life to serving Yezidis by writing about the culture and religion and helping make sense of it. He has so far written 28 books on Yezidism. Our team collected much information about the Yezidi heritage from these meetings and hope to later have it published and make available to the public.

Meeting with Pir Xider Sulaiman Meeting with Dawood Murad Khatari Lalish Cultural Center Lalish Cultural Center 2 Shingal GenocideLalish Center

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